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How to Write Your CV for Free



Free Resume CV Writing Tips Guide

Why you should have an impressive Resume/CV?

During Recruitment, Recruiters or HR Team of any company has to go through lots of applications before shortlisting their candidates for interview. It means that Cover Letter and your CV are the first thing which gets noticed. Having an unimpressive resume, irrelevant or too much information on a CV can lead to your rejection for interview.

If you have right skills and tools then you can easily get your dream job. But CV is the first thing which interviewer sees, so that will make the first impression and based on that you will be selected for personal round of interviews. Developing a solid and authentic online presence can help you engage recruiters and give them a clear and accurate indication of who you are.

Note: There are no official rules on how your CV look or on which pattern the information has been written. But your CV or Resume should be relevant to the job you have applied for.

How to Write CV Tips
Learn How to Write CV (Pixabay: 2578872)

What should be included in CV/Resume?

  • your contact information (your name, phone number and email)
  • A 2-3 lines of summary at the top, describing who you are and what you have to offer
  • Details of your previous work experience, including company names, job titles, and start and end dates
  • Brief summary of your roles and achievements
  • Write about your additional skills
  • Include details of your educational qualifications, any diplomas, certificates or exams you have passed

Tips for writing a Great Resume/CV

  • Keep your CV concise and clear
  • Write most important and recent information at the top
  • Proofread for correct spelling and grammar
  • Do not do over formatting, make it easy to read. Avoid using too much of bold, italic or different font for different sections
  • Use clear and easy to read language in your CV
  • Avoid using jargon or acronyms which you think will be difficult to understand by interviewer
  • You can include your blog, linkedin profile or website if it is relevant to your job

Tips for writing Cover Letters

Cover letters are very important and it helps Employers to learn about you and how you think you can be advantage for Company’s growth. A good professional cover letter can easily get you selected for Interview Round.

Here we have listed the basic components of a successful cover letter. Learn how to write a recruiter-preferred cover letter, what to include and exclude in cover letters.

  • Keep your covering letter short, summary of what you has to offer
  • Do formatting of your information and make readable
  • Make the letter personalized
  • Do not add the heading “To Whom It May Concern” as it sound generic. Make it personalized.
  • Make the letter very professional, avoid repetition of CV
  • Including your personal motivations
  • Write why you are best suited for the Job.
  • Double check typos and grammatical errors.
  • Do not make it self centric, it should be organization centric and how you will help the organisation
  • Call to Action: Close the letter asking for their next step.
  • If submitting the hard copy, then make sure your sign it with pen.

Here we have provided you free guide, websites and courses on how to write a CV, Resumes, Cover Letters and Prepare for Interviews.

Free Google Course on How to write your CV

In this free course you will learn on writing your CV, how to apply for jobs, writing covering letters. Know why Cover Letter are important. In addition to that you can also learn how to search for jobs and prepare for interviews.

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