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How to Get Business Online



How to Get Business Online for Free

Starting a website can be easy, but generating business online need some skills. Here we will provide you tips and free courses which will help you learn how to get business online.

Steps To Generate Online Business

  1. List down your online goals for your business

  2. Build online presence

    This can include websites, social media, video channels, etc

  3. Start Digital Marketing your business for online presence

  4. Keep a check on your competitors, learn from them

  5. Start Monetizing your online presence

    You can start eCommerce, Promote Brands, Sell Advertising Space and much more

Free Google Course on How to get a business online

In this Google Course you will learn, how to build a digital or online presence, sell to customers online, and stay safe from hackers. This is a free course with Video tutorials, Easy tips and assessments of your learning.

This is 3 hours free course in which you will learn
– Building your online presence
– Marketing your online presence
– Plan your online business strategy
– The benefits of an online strategy
– Taking a business online
– Understanding customer behaviour
– How to stand out from the competition
– Using goals to improve business performance
– Build your online shop
– Using e-commerce to sell
– Product promotion and merchandising
– Re-targeting for e-commerce
– Build your web presence
– How websites work
– Websites and your business goals
– Make your website easy to use
– Website design do’s and don’ts
– Get noticed locally (Local Marketing)

Google Course on How to Get Business Online

Google Free Course – How to promote business online

Here you will learn How to Promote a Business with Online Advertising. You can discover various tools to market your business online, create online marketing strategies.

  • Learn How Display advertising works with concept of regartetting
  • Email Marketing, Tips for Successful email marketing campaigns
  • How to Advertise on other websites
  • Search advertising vs. display advertising
  • How SEM works, How to bid for keywords
  • How to improve your search campaigns
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