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Free Pro Git Book by Scott Chacon and Ben Straub



Free Pro Git Book

The entire Pro Git book, written by Scott Chacon and Ben Straub and published by Apress, is available here. All content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 3.0 license. Print versions of the book are available on

About GIT

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Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. Git is designed for coordinating work among programmers, but it can be used to track changes in any set of files. Its goals include speed, data integrity, and support for distributed, non-linear workflows.

Git is easy to learn and has a tiny footprint with lightning fast performance. It outclasses SCM tools like Subversion, CVS, Perforce, and ClearCase with features like cheap local branching, convenient staging areas, and multiple workflows.

You can download Free eBook on Git here

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Pro Git Book Content

  1. Getting Started
    1.1 About Version Control
    1.2 A Short History of Git
    1.3 What is Git?
    1.4 The Command Line
    1.5 Installing Git
    1.6 First-Time Git Setup
    1.7 Getting Help
    1.8 Summary
  2. Git Basics
    2.1 Getting a Git Repository
    2.2 Recording Changes to the Repository
    2.3 Viewing the Commit History
    2.4 Undoing Things
    2.5 Working with Remotes
    2.6 Tagging
    2.7 Git Aliases
    2.8 Summary
  3. Git Branching
    3.1 Branches in a Nutshell
    3.2 Basic Branching and Merging
    3.3 Branch Management
    3.4 Branching Workflows
    3.5 Remote Branches
    3.6 Rebasing
    3.7 Summary
  4. Git on the Server
    4.1 The Protocols
    4.2 Getting Git on a Server
    4.3 Generating Your SSH Public Key
    4.4 Setting Up the Server
    4.5 Git Daemon
    4.6 Smart HTTP
    4.7 GitWeb
    4.8 GitLab
    4.9 Third Party Hosted Options
    4.10 Summary
  5. Distributed Git
    5.1 Distributed Workflows
    5.2 Contributing to a Project
    5.3 Maintaining a Project
    5.4 Summary
  6. GitHub
    6.1 Account Setup and Configuration
    6.2 Contributing to a Project
    6.3 Maintaining a Project
    6.4 Managing an organization
    6.5 Scripting GitHub
    6.6 Summary
  7. Git Tools
    7.1 Revision Selection
    7.2 Interactive Staging
    7.3 Stashing and Cleaning
    7.4 Signing Your Work
    7.5 Searching
    7.6 Rewriting History
    7.7 Reset Demystified
    7.8 Advanced Merging
    7.9 Rerere
    7.10 Debugging with Git
    7.11 Submodules
    7.12 Bundling
    7.13 Replace
    7.14 Credential Storage
    7.15 Summary
  8. Customizing Git
    8.1 Git Configuration
    8.2 Git Attributes
    8.3 Git Hooks
    8.4 An Example Git-Enforced Policy
    8.5 Summary
  9. Git and Other Systems
    9.1 Git as a Client
    9.2 Migrating to Git
    9.3 Summary
  10. Git Internals
    10.1 Plumbing and Porcelain
    10.2 Git Objects
    10.3 Git References
    10.4 Packfiles
    10.5 The Refspec
    10.6 Transfer Protocols
    10.7 Maintenance and Data Recovery
    10.8 Environment Variables
    10.9 Summary

A1. Appendix A: Git in Other Environments
A1.1 Graphical Interfaces
A1.2 Git in Visual Studio
A1.3 Git in Visual Studio Code
A1.4 Git in Eclipse
A1.5 Git in IntelliJ / PyCharm / WebStorm / PhpStorm / RubyMine
A1.6 Git in Sublime Text
A1.7 Git in Bash
A1.8 Git in Zsh
A1.9 Git in PowerShell
A1.10 Summary

A2. Appendix B: Embedding Git in your Applications
A2.1 Command-line Git
A2.2 Libgit2
A2.3 JGit
A2.4 go-git
A2.5 Dulwich

A3. Appendix C: Git Commands
A3.1 Setup and Config
A3.2 Getting and Creating Projects
A3.3 Basic Snapshotting
A3.4 Branching and Merging
A3.5 Sharing and Updating Projects
A3.6 Inspection and Comparison
A3.7 Debugging
A3.8 Patching
A3.9 Email
A3.10 External Systems
A3.11 Administration
A3.12 Plumbing Commands

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